How do we cut the wedding cake?

Caterers should know how to cut and serve wedding cakes but, to be on the safe side make sure to ask. A poorly cut wedding cake will end up in more crumbs than pieces and it’s to good to waste. If the wedding party is cutting their own cake please tell me at the tasting, and consultation and I will explain in descriptive detail how to do it. I recommend getting a practice cake out of our bakery case to practice on before you perform it at the wedding reception.

Here is a simplified description: There are tiered cakes which means a space between each tier that can be 1 inch to 5 inches. And there are stacked cakes and that is one cake on top of the other usually in a graduated size. Each tier will be on its own internal plate whether it is stacked or tiered. With a tiered cake you simply hold on to either side and pull up and out and put down onto a platter to cut in the wedding cake style of cutting into individual pieces. With a stacked cake you will have to have two cake spatulas and place on either side of the cake tier under the plate and gently pull up and over to a platter. There will need to be a cake cutting platter for each tier to cut into serving sizes and put onto serving plates for guests. Once on the platter the square cakes are cut in a grid and the round cakes are cut in a circular pattern from the outside in.

Can we have someone pick up the cake at the bakery before the reception?

The pick up at the bakery is an option, I would recommend it for smaller cakes or cakes no more then 2 tiers. The cake is packed in a special wedding cake box and will need to ride in an air conditioned vehicle on a flat surface, such as the back of a mini van, or SUV. The box needs to be wedged tight into place so it will not slide in case of a quick stop. I don’t recommend the pick up for a cake that needs to be assembled on site with more decoration added to it.

Never leave a cake in the car on a hot day since it will melt like ice cream. Please take into consideration if picking up your wedding cake that once the cake leaves the Wildflour Market and Bakery premises I am no longer responsible for the cake handling. If I have to do repairs there will be a charge. We are closed on Sunday and it will not be an option to pick up at the bakery. For Sunday deliveries there is a $100.00 fee added onto the regular delivery charge, and some Sundays I am not available.

Can we pick up the cake the day before the wedding?

Yes, but the cake will need to be stored in some type of refrigeration. The box it will be sent in is 22″ wide and 24″ in height and if a bigger cake the box is 30″ wide and 22″ in height.

Do you recommend cupcakes if there are children coming to the wedding?

Yes, it is a nice treat for them. Set them up on a separate table for them to help themselves when the main wedding cake is being served for the adults. They will like the independence and it’s a good way for them to meet, and intermingle with the other children at the wedding.

Do you have a cupcake stand?

Yes, there are many options available and I will be happy the show those to you at the tasting and consultation. They are an extra change to the final bill.

What kind of a cake stand can the cake sit on?

I provide a 1″ thick, strong, and sturdy base for the cake that is covered in a white, silver, or gold color. Depending on the size of the cake it is usually 2″ to 3″ wider then the bottom cake tier. If you are going to have a stand it needs to be without a lip on the edge and it needs to be the same in width or, wider. Florists usually have stands or, drums you can rent or, your caterer may have one available. If you are going “Martha Stewart Style” with something non-conventional, please bring up the idea with me at the wedding cake consultation and I will plan for it.

Can each tier be a different flavor?

Yes, in-fact that is a very popular way to present your wedding cake. The guests love it because they get to try different flavors and, it will be one of the fun highlights of the wedding. Your guests will talk about it for many years to come!

Can I have a small cutting cake for the traditional cake cutting ceremony and, have several sheet cakes for the rest of the wedding guests?

Yes, that is an option and we can discuss that at the wedding cake consultation. The sheet cakes can be different flavors and our Wildflour 4th St. sheet cakes are two-layer and can be filled with sauces or mousse.

Do you do an edible topper cutting cake on top of two or three tiers of dummy cakes?

No, I don’t work with dummy cakes.

What do you recommend if I am on a tight wedding budget?

Stay with basic yellow, white or chocolate cake with no fillings, or sauces between the layers with a simple decoration and buttercream frosting. The more time I spend on cakes the more it costs and, I charge per slice so the the fewer guests you are serving, the less money it will be.

I want to decorate the cake myself with fresh flowers. Is that possible?

Yes. I would recommend recruiting a friend to do it after the cake is all set up at the reception site. I can place the flowers for you if they are left at the wedding table and I charge a $50.00 fee for that. It will need to be discussed at the wedding cake consultation and tasting. For you to buy the flowers and me to place them would likely be cheaper then a florist but, compare the cost.

How do I store our first anniversary cake in my freezer for a year?

I will supply a dome and base (a sort of bakery box) to store it in when I deliver the wedding cake. It will be under the wedding cake table for the caterer to put it in. Use that to store it in, cover it all in plastic bag, tightly cover all in foil and put it into another plastic bag and, finally put it in the back of the freezer. When your anniversary day arrives take it out of the freezer and thaw the cake out three hours on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

What tier should we cut into at the cake cutting ceremony?

The bottom tier.

What cake would look the prettiest when we cut into it at the ceremony?

Strawberry, red velvet, lemon with raspberry filling or carrot.

I love red velvet cake but I want to know what makes it red?

Red dye number five and German chocolate cake (milk chocolate).

How can I avoid getting cake on my wedding dress during the cutting ceremony?

Discuss this with your fiance before the wedding and have a pact between you that he won’t get cake and frosting on your dress or his tux – wear aprons.

I am having an outdoor summer wedding. Where is the best place for the cake table?

The cake is fragile to the elements of the outdoors, if it is hot and in the sun the frosting can melt off of the cake. The cake should be stored in a cool place at least up until one hour before its to be served. It should be inside if possible or, at the very least under the shade of a tent. The buttercream holds up the best of all when thinking it through.

What is the best way to prepare for a wedding cake consultation and tasting?

Look at lots of pictures of cakes and start to determine what type of decoration you would like and, how you want your wedding cake to be presented to your guests when they walk into the reception hall. Think of your favorite cake flavors, and how they can be worked into all of your special cake flavors. And most of all, do what you both like the best of all because, it is your one special day and, another one will not come.